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2016 marks the 5-year anniversary of BeThePeace, the annual global synchronized meditation event held in celebration of the International Day of Peace. In 2012, we began with 248 participating cities. In 2013, that doubled with 564 cities. In 2014, over 1,110 cities joined in. In 2015, we expanded to 1,417 events, and this year we are celebrating Peace Week from September 17th to the 24th!

  • September 21, International Day of Peace: we will honor the Peace Wave, celebrating a moment of peace, minute of silence at 12noon in every timezone.
  • September 24th: Synchronize with Earthdance's 20th anniversary of their Prayer for Peace at 4pm Pacific. This is the global synchronized moment for you to create your BeThePeace Event. We will offer a global meditation broadcast at this time to connect online as one global family!
  • From September 21 to the 24th: we invite you to take action and implement changes in your own life that reflects the peace you wish to see in the world. Bring peace into your workplace and into your families, transforming your life from the inside out.

May we all be the peace we wish to see in the world. We are needed now more than ever!

2016 Peace Event Map

BeThePeace invites people from every culture, every spiritual tradition, and every political perspective to join Together as One. Together, we are creating a world where inner and outer Peace is the normal way of life. Together, we are creating history. Join us! It's time to Be The Peace we want to see in our world!

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